Hello and Welcome!

I am Arunima. I suppose, as an untold norm, in this section I am expected to introduce myself with information of who I am, what I do and what qualification do I hold to do what I do….

I am a Life, Leadership & Image Coach and NLP Trainer by the nature of service I offer.

During the course of a usual day, being a woman, I wear assorted hats. However, whatever role I play, I am me, as life gifts us too less of a time to be anyone else!

The core values which I have formed through miscellaneous experiences in life have paramount influence in creating the trajectory I am travelling today. The further I travel, the more I am beating my own untravelled path with who I truly am.

I have strengths as I have weaknesses, I achieve success as I make mistakes and I become happy as I experience sadness; I learn and with every experience I get closer towards realising my true self.

I believe –

“we are not born to be PERFECT!
but to be TRUE !”

To answer, how qualified I am to do what I do is for you to discover through your experience with me. The qualification which I can sincerely claim in my favour is – I get deeply associated with every work I love to do. I consider, the most important attribute for any job is passion. Everything else can be adopted. What I do makes me come alive in my work.

I am somehow less convinced about credibility of paper certificates, as they always may not ensure our capabilities and validate our claims of knowing what we know. They rarely come handy when life challenges us with changes . What supports is the wisdom gained through varied experiences and our intrinsic excellence, which educate us all along, stay with us for eternity, help us to evolve and empower us to fit in this growing world because Nature’s code of conduct reads “SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST”.

However, just for you to feel safe with me, I hereby add that I am a NLP (NeuroLinguistic Programming) Life Coach and trained with Sue Knight (www.sueknight.com). Sue is one of the pioneers in the world of NLP. I was blessed to be her Apprentice too. With Sue, since beginning until today, the journey has been transformational and empowering.

I am a ICF certified Life Coach and also an Executive Coach, certified by ICF and Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder centred Coaching. I am also one of the blessed recipients of 2017 Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centred Coaching Scholarship.

And, I owe my advance skills in Image Management to Judith Rasband, an Exemplar in the field of Image Management (www.conselle.com). To be trained by her in her studio in SaltLake City and travel with her to New York and LA to understand the concept, impact and application of Image Management in the modern World, was one of its kind of experience for me.
These are the significant feathers in my hat I wear as a Coach.

If you want to know more about the certificates I ‘possess’ click here.