Mark Twain once said he could live for two months on a good compliment.

As human beings, we all want to be valued and recognised for our efforts. It’s not about being ‘needy’ but simply feeling appreciated. There’s a distinct difference.

A few simple words of encouragement from us may brighten someone’s day today, even though by tomorrow, we may have long forgotten what we said!

I, too, am blessed to have received generous, constructive feedback from friends, colleagues, and delegates from different walks of life on different occasions. Here, I am just sharing a handful of them which I received with the deepest gratitude during my testing times, and hence they are significant and valuable to me. This section is a humble tribute to each of these kind souls for their thoughtful gesture by celebrating their kind words, which empowered me to empower others in achieving their outcome in life.

People who uplift you are the best kind of people.
You don’t simply keep them. You have to treasure them.

“I am delighted to announce that my second Apprentice is Arunima Sen Pathak. I first met Arunima on one of my India programs over a year ago. Since then she has gone through an amazing, courageous journey of transformation. She has embraced the learning and has journeyed with me to France and to the UK to participate in as many of the programs as she could. In many ways, she has presupposed the role of Apprentice in starting that journey for herself. She was coached by Colin Spencer as part of her development and was also (and I think to her surprise) one of the remarkable presenters on my Inspire Days in India this January. And to top it all she has persisted in her quest to be my Apprentice by asking me that well known (to my delegates) influential question “What do I have to do to be your Apprentice” and asked with passion and love when she was with me in the UK just last week. I had thought that the second Apprentice would be a man but things unfold as they are meant to unfold and my passion for India and my respect for the growing strength and cause of Indian women and the independence of women globally makes Arunima an inevitable choice. Welcome, Arunima – it is a joy and an honour to have you join me in this capacity. This is going to be one amazing journey we will share in the future …and I know too that Lindsey Reed is as excited about this as me. You and I are going to continue to learn so much together and with that learning, I hope we will tip the world just a little bit more in the direction of love, learning, respect, strength, and independence…

Arunima is a great example of living and presupposing the very thing that you want in life .. and coincidentally it then materialises .. she has been living the things that I would have constructed for the journey …”

Sue Knight
International NLP Trainer, Business Consultant, Speaker, and Author

“Arunima Sen Pathak you have such incredible grounded energy about you and a clear hunger for making a difference in the world. Congratulations. So well deserved and a reminder that clarity on your own path helps others create it for you. With huge love”

Nikki Watkins
Chief Evolution Officer at Tyche Consulting Ltd
London, United Kingdom

“Arunima is someone who can truly make a difference as powerful as life-changing…
Just speaking to this person lights a bulb.
A dear friend yet a ferocious critic..
Someone who’s very tough to please/convinces..
She isn’t too active on social media..
But for one who plays the game by her own rules, one isn’t too surprised with that..”

Mir Afsar Ali,
Celebrity RJ, Standup Comedian, Actor & Singer

“Arunima Sen Pathak, certainly an unparalleled Guide, an impeccable advisory, and yes a Charismatic interpreter. We are fortunate enough and consider it a Blessing in disguise to have you Mrs. Pathak as our “Life Coach” by our side. Someone who is constantly striving and providing incomparable guidance, that makes NIPS, Our beloved students, and all of us reach new heights professionally and also comprehend what work life balance really means. Truly in every way a mesmerizing personality. Our very own NIPS Corporate Advisor Mrs. Arunima Sen Pathak… Hats Off !!!”

Chef Joseph Uttam Gomes
Deputy Director at NIPS School of Hotel Management, Kolkata

“I heard Sue introduce her as an apprentice but after talking with her I learned how much experience she possessed in NLP. I really liked the way she was during the course but her direct response to questions was great as I asked her more and more. I observed her ability to be direct and dig down and challenge. She offered a unique way of being which complimented the group and the training.”

Dave Stewart
Training and Development Manager at Positive Steps
Oldham, United Kingdom

I just wanted to say that my meeting with you really changed my life. It helped me understand myself better..understand my priorities better.. put my entire life into focus..and finally help it get back on track.

Your direct questions…your gentle coaxing to get the right answers out of my heart and mind..has really worked wonders for me. Finally in a long long time..I was able to relax and truly understand what was bothering me so much..where I was going wrong. This gave me that much-needed ‘peace of mind’ which calmed me down and helped me rejuvenate myself.

Thanks for your patience and being there for me when I couldn’t even turn to my closest ones for guidance.
You are a great coach..and even better a person..who bothers about keeping in touch with your clients even if they forget. You are a gem..I am so glad that I read about you in The Times and got to meet you in person.

Thanks for being a great friend..
Lots of love,

Dr. Sharmistha Roy
Tagore Park, Kolkata

“Arunima, Your elegant presence, and beautiful presentation was very touching. The choice of words you used in your session was so rich and for me it was like hearing to a poem and floating on a river. It was the best way for me to start the first day. The way you shared your vulnerable experience was so touching and it made me understand myself and gave me confidence to congruently be what I want to be, inside and out. Thankhu and lovehu… “

Periya Nayaki Deivasahayam
Maharishi Vidya Mandir
Chennai, India

“Arunima is a wonderful model in her own personal journey and gives sensitive and supportive feedback.”

Samantha Jane Clarke
Sales Induction Manager, Trainer & Coach

“Dear Arunima, thank you so much for your openness, your wisdom and for sharing your beautiful writing with us. Your description of Identify captures the essence of congruency for me in your short paragraph. It is exquisitely written. And then you share your journey in Cherai. I admire your bravery in being open with your innermost emotions of insecure and intimidated. And your wise words which seems as if they have flown from your heart that describe your inner reflections. Thank you Arunima, each time I read your beautiful writings, you inspire me to write from my heart, my inner soul, – you are a wonderful model of excellence; both beautiful inside and out and I am honoured to connect with you.
With love”

Lindsey Reed
Owner and principal coach at Glows Coaching

“Dear Arunima, Congratulations! You are an outstanding role model; your openness and trust in whatever the environment is exemplary. I wish I knew how to have that strength in knowing what you want and so importantly staying with your plan….So excited for you , love and blessings”

Elizabeth Macaulay
Lead Mentor and Practice Coach
E3R SW TRAINING, Hampshire, UK

“Arunima is courageous and go getter. I liked her session, technique well executed,Random questions was interesting”

Bandana Jhanwar
Omnipresence Academy of Life
Dharmshala (Dharamshala), India

“Arunima, Arunima, Arunima,
It not often I’ll read something to the end with such interest and anticipation. Your writing is deep and meaningful. What a great expression of inner reflection and truth. If only life was so easy! Thank God it is not! I know you have all the resources you need and will find them when you do need them. It has been inspiring to have this insight of you and I wish you continued reading, writing and expression of you wonderful self.”

Mike Kean
Managing Director at ASK Business Development Limited, UK

“What a powerful set of insights you have shared with us Arunima. I felt like I was on a journey there with you and identified with you in many places.
Do please keep the writing coming and share it with us.
Well done!!!!”

Helen Saunders,

“What wonderful writing Arunima and what makes it wonderful for me is your openness in sharing yourself and I received so much learning from reading it. I am trying to crack open my shell and I look forward to reflecting on your insights as we both continue on our journey – Warmest wishes Lynn x”

Lynn Cowan
NHS National Services Scotland